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Veterans Support Dagnesses

Veterans Support Dagnesses

Veterans continue to support Dagnesses for Congress:  The latest endorsement comes from Sergeant Mask United States Marine Corps/Vietnam Vet.
I just joined the supporters of Rafael Dagnesses.  I have met him at the Marine Corps League in Simi Valley, and I have heard great things about him.  Most importantly, he is a Marine Corps veteran as am I, so I have to support my fellow Marine veteran.  But we need more REAL veterans representing us in Congress, ones that will defend and support the veteran in Congress.  Change is what we need and I believe Rafael will help bring about changes.  He has my full support.  I am a 100% disabled Vietnam vet, wheelchair bound and home-bound unless I go out with either my wife or a caregiver, so I can't be much help on the campaign trail.  I will be at the debate on Sat, Oct 7th and look forward to it.
Ken Mask, Sgt, USMC, retired
Vietnam 1966/1967/1968/1969
Active duty 15 Oct 1965 - 1 Mar 1973

Military Veterans (Years known Rafael):

Juan PerezMaster Sergeant U.S. Army, Special Forces Group (Green Beret) Ret.  35+

Dr. Norman Nagel, Colonel United States Army/Captain U.S. Navy Ret. 4+

Martin Spann, Colonel United States Army Ret.  25+

David Christinsen, Colonel United States Marine Corps Ret.  25+ 

James R. McMichael, Lt. Colonel United States Air Force Ret. 

Richard Lindsey, Major United States Marine Corps-Vietnam 6+

Roger Muir, Captain United States Navy Ret. 

Mike Soca, Lt. Commander United States Navy Ret.  45+ 

Jeff Miller, Lieutenant Colonel United States Marine Corps Ret.  25+ 

Mel Krone, Major United States Marine Corps Fighter Pilot, Vietnam  3

Matt Valenzuela, Sgt. United States Marine Corps, Vietnam  6

Ruy Pena, Master Sergeant United States Marine Corps Ret.  25+

Larry Fisher, Sgt. United States Marine Corps, Vietnam

Ted Miklyski, Staff Sergeant, United States Air Force, Vietnam

Bart Juarez, Captain United States Marine Corps  17

Ken Honaker, aka. DOC HM2 FMF RVN, United States Navy, Vietnam  4

Joe Galindo, Cpl United States Air Force, Vietnam  25+

Scott Kuperman, Cpl United States Marine Corps  33+

Charles Howard, Petty Officer 3rd Class United States Navy  30+ 

Ignacio Verduzco, Sgt. United States Marine Corps  22+

John E. Miller, Sgt. United States Marine Corps, Vietnam

Luis Roman, Gunnery Sergeant United States Marine Corps Ret.  20+ 

Michael Weise, Specialist 4th Class United States Army-82nd Airborne  25+

Thomas F. King Jr., Vietnam 

Ken Mask, Sgt, USMC, retired, Vietnam 1966/1967/1968/1969

Geoffrey Hunter, Gunnery Sergeant United States Marine Corps, KOREA  2+   

Member, United States Marine Corps League, Ronald Reagan Detachment 597 Ventura County

Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars Partners in Patriotism