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National Security

National Security

Our country is at its weakest point since the end of World War II.  The days of Ronald Reagan’s “Peace Through Strength” have come to an end.  Peace now seems to come through capitulation, surrender, and pacification.

When I am elected, I will push for measures that will support and grow a strong and respected military.   I will leave military decisions to military leaders and not civilian Defense Department politicians who have little-to-no information on the subject.  Our troops should be afforded the best equipment, technology and support available as they volunteer to protect our way of life.  Service members should always know that we unconditionally have their backs.

Research and development in the areas of missile defense, biological, EMP, nuclear defense and cyber terrorism should be increased.  We must have lines of defense on all fronts.

When it comes to Iran I have just two words: No Deal! The Republic of Iran has continually proven to be an enemy of the United States and any deal with them is a deal we should fully expect them to break.  Any deal that allows for Iran to enrich nuclear material is a bad deal.  Instead, we should concentrate our efforts on pressuring Iran to eliminate their human rights abuses and release political prisoners including Americans currently in Iranian prisons.

We are nothing without a strong national defense.  Our entire way of life is dependent upon our ability to defend it.  In Congress, I will always vote for the option that will protect that way of life.