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Job Creation and the Economy

Job Creation and the Economy

Over the last two decades, government has proven its ineptness time and time again by increasing regulation and taxation on business.  Here in California, unemployment remains higher than the national average and the labor participation rate (the percentage of able-bodied adults working) is at a 36-year low.

In Congress, I will seek for ways to get government out of the way of small business and entrepreneurs and to incentivize and reward innovation and growth.  I will promote policies that will bring outsourced jobs home and repatriate foreign investment.  We should no longer tolerate our jobs being shipped abroad.  

We deserve a tax system that is fair to all and does not penalize success.  Businesses of all sizes, especially small business, should have a fair and low tax rate that encourages job creation.  We should cut the corporate tax rate and eliminate loopholes to ensure jobs are kept in the United States and that we are once again able compete on a global scale.  By creating a competitive tax rate and bringing back trillions of dollars held abroad by American companies, we will infuse a new generation of business expansion by American companies and from foreign investors. Doing so will also infuse an explosion of local small business ventures in support of growing local economies.  

In addition, we must ensure that we have most prepared and educated workforce in the world.  By preparing and educating workers, we can give them the tools to reclaim the American Dream.