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Hey, Republicans — take a memo: YOU WON!

Hey, Republicans — take a memo: YOU WON!


Hey, Republicans — take a memo: YOU WON!

BE BOLD, TAKE RISKS, CUT TAXES, REPATRIATE TRILLIONS of DOLLARS BACK HOME, let's flood the market with jobs and opportunity for everyone!

Stop acting like the minority party and allowing the LEFT to kick you at every opportunity. Fight the opposition in the heart of their headquarters, show you are unafraid. Ignoring hard left states like California affects the rest of the country. There is nothing progressive about keeping people poor, reducing the middle class, being among the worst in education, exploding homelessness, increasing crime and pretending to support our troops and Veterans then behind the curtains voting the opposite. Help us expose the LIE. This is why California matters!

Communicate to the American people what you are working on and how it will benefit them, then DO IT! Do what you said you were going to do! Think of country NOT SELF.... 

Then act like a humble WINNERS....

Rafael A. Dagnesses 

2016 Republican Nominee 
United States House of Representatives 
California's 26th Congressional District