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Energy Policy

Energy Policy

American dependence upon foreign fossil fuels is a national security issue.  While we seek for ways to compete on the global renewable energies market, other countries continue to take advantage of increased oil production.

We are fortunate to live in an age in which technology allows us to extract oil and gas from places we’ve have previously been unable.  Though our economy and society continue to depend upon fossil fuels, it is time for our energy need to evolve with technology.

In Congress, I will support the Keystone Oil Pipeline as a way to increase jobs and reduce foreign energy independence.  I will promote legislation that will reduce energy consumption through incentives to increase productivity, efficiency and cleanliness.

We should get government out of the way of the private sector when it comes to the development of clean and renewable energy.  The days of speculative government investment in renewable energy should come to an end. I trust the market to develop, produce and distribute these renewable energy systems. As we’ve seen many times, when the use of renewables becomes cost-effective and efficient, the market will expand use accordingly.