2016 Endorsements

Elected-National Figures-Government Officials and Organizations:

Rosario Marin, 41st Treasurer of the United States

Elton Gallegly, U.S. Representative CA 26th Congressional District/Ventura County 1987-2013

Steve Knight, U.S. Representative CA 25th Congressional District

Buck McKeon, Chairman Armed Services Committee-Congressman ret.

Robert J. Lagomarsino, U.S. Representative CA Ventura County ret. 

Sean Reyes, Utah State Attorney General

Larry Elder, aka. The Sage from South Central.  Political Commentator 

Peter Foy, Ventura County Supervisor

Steve Lavagnino, Santa Barbara County Supervisor

Scott Wilk, California Assembly-Member (39th District)

Ernie Villegas, Mayor City of Fillmore ret.

Bob Gonzalez, Mayor City of Santa Paula ret. | Chief of Police City of Santa Paula ret.

Ken Kearsley, Mayor City of Malibu ret.

Rob McCoy, City of Thousand Oaks Councilman

Jim Tovias, City of Fillmore Councilman

Carrie Broggie, City of Fillmore Mayor Pro Tem

Glen Becerra, City of Simi Valley Councilman

Mike Judge, City of Simi Valley Councilman

Keith Mashburn, City of Simi Valley Mayor Pro-tem

Alex Saab, Mayor City of Downey

Mario Guerra, Mayor City of Downey ret.

Neal Andrews, Deputy Mayor City of Ventura 

Dan White, Simi Valley School Board of Trustees

Barbra Williamson, City of Simi Valley Councilwoman ret.

Brian Miller, Former Chief of Staff to Congressman Elton Gallegly

Omar Franco, Advisory Committee-United States Senate Republican Task Force on Hispanic Affairs

Armando Azarloza, Former Chief of Staff to Congressman Buck Mckeon

California Republican Party

Los Angeles County Republican Party/Central Committee

Ventura County Republican Central Committee

Oxnard Police Officers Association

Los Angeles Police Protective League  

California Reserve Police Officers Association 

National Latino Peace Officers Association

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association 


Take note the many years Rafael's Military and Public Safety experts have known him personally.  It's clear if we want someone that understands what it takes to keep our country and communities safe, Rafael Dagnesses is the Representative we want in Washington D.C..  Today only 3 members of Congress have street Law Enforcement experience and approximately 20% have served in the Military.    


Military Veterans (Years known Rafael):

Juan Perez, Master Sergeant U.S. Army, Special Forces Group (Green Beret) Ret.  35+

Lt. Colonel Buzz Patterson, U.S. Air Force Ret. Military Aid to President Clinton-Senior Officer in charge of the Nuclear Football   

Dr. Norman Nagel, Colonel United States Army/Captain U.S. Navy Ret. 4+

Martin Spann, Colonel United States Army Ret.  25+

David Christinsen, Colonel United States Marine Corps Ret.  25+ 

James R. McMichael, Lt. Colonel United States Air Force Ret. 

Richard Lindsey, Major United States Marine Corps-Vietnam 6+

Roger Muir, Captain United States Navy Ret. 

Mike Soca, Lt. Commander United States Navy Ret.  45+ 

Jeff Miller, Lieutenant Colonel United States Marine Corps Ret.  25+ 

Mel Krone, Major United States Marine Corps Fighter Pilot, Vietnam  3

Matt Valenzuela, Sgt. United States Marine Corps, Vietnam  6

Ruy Pena, Master Sergeant United States Marine Corps Ret.  25+

Larry Fisher, Sgt. United States Marine Corps, Vietnam

Ted Miklyski, Staff Sergeant, United States Air Force, Vietnam

Bart Juarez, Captain United States Marine Corps  17

Ken Honaker, aka. DOC HM2 FMF RVN, United States Navy, Vietnam  4

Joe Galindo, Cpl United States Air Force, Vietnam  25+

Scott Kuperman, Cpl United States Marine Corps  33+

Charles Howard, Petty Officer 3rd Class United States Navy  30+ 

Ignacio Verduzco, Sgt. United States Marine Corps  22+

John E. Miller, Sgt. United States Marine Corps, Vietnam

Luis Roman, Gunnery Sergeant United States Marine Corps Ret.  20+ 

Michael Weise, Specialist 4th Class United States Army-82nd Airborne  25+

Thomas F. King Jr., Vietnam 

Ken Mask, Sgt, USMC, retired, Vietnam 1966/1967/1968/1969

Geoffrey Hunter, Gunnery Sergeant United States Marine Corps, KOREA  2+   

Member, United States Marine Corps League, Ronald Reagan Detachment 597 Ventura County

Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars Partners in Patriotism


Public Safety, Business, Medical Field and Community : (Years known Rafael)

Los Angeles Police Protective League  

California Reserve Police Officers Association 

Oxnard Police Department

Nelson Gonzalez, Founder Alienware Gaming Computers

Rosemary Allison, Chair-Santa Rosa Valley Municipal Advisory Council          

Dr. Michael Shires, Ph.D. Professor of Public Policy    

Fred and Debbie Thomas, Former President-Boys and Girls Club-Small Business Owner    

Edgar Mohorko, California State Gang Intervention-re-entry consultant    

Gary M. Thomas, Recipient, The Fernando Award - Small Business Owner  

Roger and Scotia Alves, Scosche Industries-Business Owners    

Rosemary Licata, Community Activist on empowering young women-Philanthropist    

Dr. Saab M.D.  

Brian Iverson, Iverson Construction-Former President-Simi Valley ED Foundation    

Tamara Howard, Republican Women Community Activist    

Scott Akerley, CEO Pango Group       

Dr. Johns M.D.      

Roger Jackson, Sergeant LAPD Ret.  25+

Don Thompson, Bomb Squad, Law Enforcement Medal of Valor Recipient, Carnegie Hero Awardee, American Police Hall of Fame 2013 National Police Officer of the Year.  29+

Patricia Saraceno, District Representative-Congressman Steve Knights Office    

Dianne Alexander, Republican Women Community Activist    

Sam & Mona Hoss, Small Business Owners

Ivan Choi, Former President of AREAA    

Robin Hutton, Author-Sgt. Reckless   

P.W. Conway, The Cowboy Poet 

Al Lopez, Sergeant LAPD Ret.  25+

Dave Christinsen, Sergeant ll-LAPD SWAT Supervisor Ret.  25+

Roger Hence, Former President, Southland Regional Board of Realtors    

Teddy Severns, Sergeant ll LAPD Ret.  25+

Roland Martinez, Law Enforcement Training Officer   25+

Ernie Garcia, Sergeant Glendale Police Dept. Ret.  30+

Ignacio Verduzco, Law Enforcement Lieutenant  25+

Mary Shuster, Military Gold Star Family    

Ronald Reyes, Gold Star Family

Ted J. Weiner, Small Business Owner

Luisa Acosta Franco, VP of Marketing, Hispanics Organized for Political Equality (HOPE) Vice President, Head of Recruitment and Marketing    

Raul Porto, CEO Porto's Bakery    

Maria Gonzalez, Detective-Sgt LAPD Ret.  25+

Doug Varner, Detective LAPD Ret.  27

Danica Dubaich, Critical Care RN     

Fred Brignoni, Police Officer-Traffic Div.  29

Philip Ibarra, Law Enforcement Police Sergeant ll  25+

Steve Hennigan, Bomb Squad  20+

Bart Juarez, Law Enforcement Sergeant  17

Willy Sera, Detective LAPD Ret.  38+

Mary Bibb, Planning commission-City of Simi Valley   

Republican Women Federated, Thousand Oaks  


This is a partial list only.

15 endorsements