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Chairman Armed Services Committee endorses Rafael Dagnesses

Chairman Armed Services Committee endorses Rafael Dagnesses


Chairman Armed Services Committee endorses Rafael Dagnesses.  Ret. Representative Buck Mckeon and former Chairman of the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee strongly endorses Rafael. Chairman Mckeon wrote:  Rafael Dagnesses is a man of high integrity who values God, Family and community.  He's a leader who's gained experiences and proven that he's ready to represent his community in Congress.  As a Law Enforcement Officer and a United States Marine, Rafael knows the importance of serving our country and preserving our national security.  He knows that this can only be achieved through strong leadership and unyielding support for our veteran's and a strong military.  He recognizes that our troops must be afforded the best equipment, technology and support so they can continue to protect U.S. interest across the globe and specifically the homeland.

In his own backyard, he has a similar and intense dedication.  Whether it's helping veterans, seniors or local schools, whenever his local community has asked for his involvement, Rafael has been there.  You can be assured that he will approach his work in Congress with the same intensity and determination.  We all deserve someone as qualified and passionate as he.  


Rep. Howard P. "Buck" Mckeon
Member House of Representatives (Ret.)
Former Chairman, House Armed Services Committee