Meet Rafael Dagnesses

Republican Candidate for California's 26th Congressional District • Ventura County - Western Los Angeles County

Meet Rafael

Republican Candidate for California's 26th Congressional District • Ventura County - Western Los Angeles County

Born in Castro's Communist Cuba, Rafael Dagnesses and his family were able to escape to the United States as impoverished refugees.

Though he grew up in on of LA's poorest areas, he learned that by hard work, sacrifice and taking advantage of the freedoms offered by this great country, he could achieve the American Dream by embracing America.

A Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant and former law enforcement officer, Rafael has also been an entrepreneur and small business owner for over 20 years.  He has experienced both failures and successes.  He lives in the Santa Rosa Valley with his wife, Natalie, and two young sons.

Rafael believes that government serves its citizens best when it is limited and adheres to constitutional principles.  When citizens are overly taxed and job creators are unfairly burdened by regulations, innovation is stifled and hard-working Americans lose jobs.

When businesses would rather relocate abroad that deal with our job-killing regulations, it's a clear sign government has gone from helping citizens to standing in their way.

In Congress, Rafael will work to return government to its Constitutional role, stop the expansion of over-reaching bureaucracy, and eliminate duplicitous and wasteful spending.

Ronald Reagan once said, "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem."

Listed below is just a partial list of Rafael's diverse life experiences from boyhood through today:

  • Helped his father clean banks as a late night janitor 
  • Boy Scout
  • Gas station- Auto repair, gas pump attendant, fast food cook, retail sales, warehouse
  • United States Marine Corps-Honorably discharged at the rank of Gunnery Sergeant 
  • Lost Prevention Investigator
  • Student Community Service Officer-California State University Northridge
  • 13 year Law Enforcement Veteran-Gangs, 3 Narcotics Tours-2 undercover, uniformed patrol
  • Entrepreneur, Franchisee, Small Business Owner
  • Television Series Police Technical Adviser
  • Little League Baseball Coach
  • Founder-Owner Real Estate Firm
  • Has volunteered in every presidential election since President Reagan
  • Gang intervention and re-entry adviser 
  • Has donated tens and thousands of dollars to multiple charities-Children charities, Boys & Girls clubs, Churches, Animal Rights, Veteran organizations and many others
  • Member, Marine Corps League President Ronald Reagan Detachment 597 Ventura County